Syllabus structure and course guides

Qualification: Master in Psychopedagogy
Branch of knowledge: Social and Legal Sciences
Duration: 1 year
ECTS credits: 60
Title of degree awarded: Master in Psychopedagogy from the University of Lleida
Centre: Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Work
Av, de l'Estudi General, 4 (Campus Cappont)
E25001 Lleida
Tel. +34 973 70 65 01
Fax + 34 973 70 65 02

Module compulsory 25
Optional 15
Internships 20


  • Syllabus
  • Requirements:  The University of Lleida's Regulations for the Assessment and Qualification of Learning in Bachelor's and Master's Degrees (approved by the Governing Council on 29 June 2023) establishes that students can only enrol for the Master's Final Project when they have registered for all the credits pending towards the end of the degree.
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