Student profile

The previous degrees considered most suitable for enrolling in the Master in Psychopedagogy only the following:

  • Graduate/a in Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Pedagogy, Psychology, direct access.
  • Degrees linked to teaching as a degree in Social Education, in Social Work, access with small training supplements.
  • Other degrees, access with additional training depending on the area from which they come.

Entry requirements and admission criteria for prospective students

Qualifications with direct access:

  • Graduates in Pedagogy and Psychology
  • Graduates in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education

Qualifications WITH complementary training:

  • Graduates in Social Education and Social Work.
  • Other university graduates with proven professional experience in the field of psychopedagogical intervention.
  • Students with equivalent degrees obtained in other countries.

Additional training courses:

  • Developmental psychology
  • Theory, history and educational contexts
  • Attention to diversity
  • Psychology of development (0-6)
  • Organization of school space, teaching materials and skills I
  • Psychology of education and learning (0-6)
  • Teaching strategies for inclusive education
  • Psychobiology of human development
  • Personality psychology
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Psychosocial evaluation and intervention
  • Intervention in people at risk of social exclusion

Recognition and validation of subjects

The Master’s Studies Committee may recognise Master’s credits based on recognised professional experience and evaluated through the skills balance or by postgraduate accreditation or by own degrees equivalent to postgraduates up to a maximum of 15% of the Teaching load of the master:

  • Academic training: degrees and/or masters.
  • Academic Record.
  • Professional experience related to the master.
  • English level.
  • Personal Interview.