Objectives and competences

Training goals

  • Develop the capacities and ensure the acquisition of the thoughtful professional competitions and clear-cut as a necessary for the organization and management of teams and services of psychopedagogical attention.
  • Train the professionals of the psychopedagogics in the processes of evaluation, intervention, orientation and assessment in the different fields of the formal education and no formal.
  • Promote professional competitions especially oriented to the psycho-educative innovation in the different fields of the formal education and no formal like a tool of transformation, change and social improvement.


Specific Competences

  • Diagnose and evaluate the educational needs of the people, groups and organizations from different methodologies, instruments and technical, considering the singularities of the context in which gives the activity.
  • Give advice and the professionals of the education, as well as the socio-educational agents, in the organization, the design, the implementation and the evaluation of processes and experiences of education-learning, facilitating the attention to the diversity and favouring the equality of opportunities.
  • Organize and manage services of orientation and psychopedagogical intervention in order to favour the personal development and/or professional of the individuals, strengthend his capacity of auto-formation and the permanent formation.
  • Design, implement and evaluate programs, projects, services, political and socio-educational practical, in order to give answer to the needs of the people, organizations and/or collective specific.
  • Manage, lead and dinamize teams favouring the work in networks with the different agents and socio_educational institutions.
  • Analyse, interpret and act of coherent shape with the derivative educational politics of a dynamic social context and in continuous evolution.
  • Motivate for the innovation in the social and educational intervention, taking into account the results of the research in different fields.

General Competences

  • Integrate the knowledges and advances of the psychopedagogics in his professional performance, with reflexive and critical attitude, taking decisions from an analysis of the problems, integrating knowledges and give response to the derivative complexity of an incomplete information.
  • Involve in the own permanent formation, recognizing the critical aspects that have to improve the exercise of the profession, purchasing independence and autonomy as a learning and holding responsible of the own learning and of the development of his skills to keep and increase the professional competition.
  • Take consciousness of his beliefs and stereotypes on the own culture and other cultures or groups and of his implications on the professional performance, respecting the individual differences, social and cultural.
  • Know communicate his professional decisions (and conclusions), the knowledges and last reasons, so much to skilled publics how no skilled, of a clear way and adapted to his needs.
  • Know resolve problems in new surroundings or little known and in wider or multi-disciplinar contexts, as well as generate processes of innovation and change.
  • Respect to the fundamental rights of equality between men and women, to the promotion of the Human Rights and to the own values of the culture of the peace and of the democratic values.
  • Apply the ICT in the professional exercise.
  • Use a foreign language.