Faculty/School regulations

  • ECTS: 14
  • Temporality: C1, S1 & S2
  • Requirements: None

Practicum documents

Hosts schools


Respect to the orientation, exercise in the psychopedagogical evaluation, assessment to other professionals of the education, to the students and to the families.


The allocation of credits ECTS can give variations of until a 20% as the proposals of activity that develop the teaching staff attendants of the training.
It relapses into the tutors that the student has assigned (one of the center and one of the university). One unique qualification will be given after applying criteria of valuation of the activity of the student in the center of practices, of the folder of learning and the document of synthesis. To overcome the practices will be necessary to obtain a positive valuation in:
  • The report of evaluation of the tutor of the University (50 %).
  • The report of evaluation of the tutor of the center (50 %).
Qualifications are from 1 to 10. 

The tutor/a of the university will assign his qualification on the basis of the indicators specified in the attached dossier of practices annex 3.

The tutor of the university assigns his qualification bearing two big areas in mind:
a) The quality of the productions of the student in the folder of learning (80 %). In these productions a high degree of reflection has to be observed on the educational action of the student.
b) The quality of the participation and contribution of the student in the meetings tutorships at the University (20 %).

The tutor of the center of practices will evaluate the professional competences (technical, methodological, participative and personal) of the pupil as they appear in the dossier of practices annex 4.

Educational activities

The formative activities of the pupil during the whole period of the practices (140h) he has to develop the plan of practices agreed with the tutor.
  • To prepare the actions to realize
  • To elaborate the materials necessary for the development of the activity in concrete groups, as well as in the collaboration with the tutor in those activities that are proposed.
  • To carry out the foreseen actions
  • To continue taking part in the life of the organization that receives it and in those activities that he agrees with the tutor.
  • To observe, to gather information and analyze the activity of the educational psychologist, psychologist or pedagogue of the organization.
In addition, in the process of practices the student (210 h. of autonomous work) have to generateto prove the learning by descriptions, the analysis of the learning processes; personal, professional transfers or academicians related to the developed competences.

These documents are organized in 4 folders in the virtual campus: 
  • Folder of Resources: description of the resources that have been in use for preparing and realizing the intervention (bibliography, reviews, summaries, synthesis, conceptual maps, response tests ...).
  • Folder of Evidences: reflective diaries, notes of field or of laboratory, gridirons of observation, recordings of videoes or of audio, photographies...
  • Folder of Personal Reflection: personal presentations, reflective stories, personal aims of learning, plan of personal development, biography...
  • Document of Synthesis: draft of the final synthesis or of integration report of all the learnings realized during the months of practices.


  • Characteristic of the centre of practical.
  • Plan of formation continued.
  • Professional paper of the teacher.
  • The resources for a performance of quality: Tics, networks of information,...
  • Innovation proposals for the improvement of the process of education and learning.
  • Meetings: teachers, parents and students.
  • Projects of centre.
  • Auto-avaluation of the performance and professional to a centre of practical.
  • For the case of the psychopedagogical and professional orientation:
  • Models and technical of psychopedagogical intervention.
  • Plan of psychopedagogical intervention.
  • Technical report of the intervention: follow-up and evaluation.